My mother Dianne was the absolute queen of Christmas. She made every single moment about Christmas magical for us as kids. If it wasn’t magical it was bound to be a Christmas tradition! Magic and traditions I have now passed onto my own children. She loved the store Christmas in the village. As an adult I moved to a town south of London. A 4 hour drive from home. It wasn’t long after that move that traditionally when I came home for Christmas mom and I would go to see the upside down trees at Christmas in the village. I wanted to buy one for years but I couldn’t justify the cost to myself. I never bought one. When we lost our Christmas queen (mom) I took my inheritance and went straight to the boutique and bought myself an upside down tree! It has become quite the conversation piece and I proudly display it in my front window. I’ve actually had people knock on the door just to get a better look!

Since then every year on my trip home at Christmas I stop into the boutique to buy an ornament from the store for my mom for our tree. This year was no exception. My now 13 year old daughter and I searched the trees high and low looking for just the right ornament.

We got home tonight and proudly hung it on our beloved upside down tree for her. As I sat on the couch with a cup of coffee after our travels to admire my beloved tree; a long glass icicle ornament started swaying out of no where. Then right below our new ornament on the opposite side of the tree another icicle began to sway. No explanation at all. My daughter and I looked at each other and smiled and said “think mom likes her ornament!”

I wanted to share this story with the business owner to let her know her business is very much a part of the magic of Christmas in my home! Thank you!!



Thanks to all your team for your generosity and help.  Our stage looked beautiful again this year

~Centennial Secondary School~


thank you for the lovely arrangement that you delivered for us to a sick relative.  We were very impressed with the quality of products and your store was recommended to us by another shopper that was standing in line and overheard our conversation regarding locating a good florist.  Thank you again the arrangement brought tears to the eyes and was delivered as you promised.

~Wayne and Joan~


Shaken not Stirred Ladies Night Out - Thank you for the magnificent flower bouquets at another very successful event!  You have such a great way of making the flowers fit so well with our theme!

~Alzheimer's Society~


Thank you for your kindness and support

~Hanna & Darren~


Thank you for the beautiful floral tribute for our brother's funeral.  The arrangement was prefect and we all appreciated your effort, to you it may be business as usual but it means a great deal to us.

~Carol & Floyd~


Thank you so much for the beautiful bouquets, corsages and boutionnieres you created for our special day.  We are truly grateful for your creativitiy and attention to detail.

~Colleen & Stephen~


Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangements for our wedding.  You were so understanding when I wanted to change the bouquets at the last minute and you never once made me feel as though it was an inconvience.

~Ben & Kate~


Somehow thank you doesn't seem enough for the "ginormous" bouquet of flowers that were delivered on my 1st day of work.  They honestly took my breath away.  Your kindness was very much appreciated, thanks for making day #1 so special

~Ingrid Moore - Morning Show Co-Host 95.5 FM~

The flowers were amazing, thank you

~CSS Staff~

 Thank you for being part of our joy in such a special way!

~Chris & Julia~

Thank you for all the special touches that made our day perfect

~Alex & Wendy~

 Just wanted to thank you for the lovely arrangement that you delivered for us on Friday. Your store was recommended to us and thank you again the arrangement brought tears of joy to a sick friend and was delivered as you had

~Wayne and Joan~